Straight Around 



Vitalij Cerviakov is a contemporary artist, a graduate of photography and media art and a current PHD student in Vilnius Academy of Arts.

His creative character can be described as performative and processual: artist’s works consist of multilayered processes and interventions into the surrounding environment or particular contemporary art processes. Since 2010, Vitalis has initiated several more or less directed series of walks:  „Tylejimai” (“Keeping Silent”), „Tiesiai per aplinkui” (“Straight Around”), „Zvereliu takais” (“On Animal Trails”) „Einanti eilute” (“Walking Line”), „Quicksilver Jet”, „Neutrino pienas” (“Neutrino Milk”).

Vitalij perceives walking as a practice of art and thinking. His previous works, as well as the curation of science and art exhibition “Citynature: Vilnius and Beyond” in Vilnius National Gallery of Art (2017), inspired artist to continue exploring how one ‘s relation with himself and his surroundings is transformed when artificially created rules and scripts enter the environment.

These photography series is a documentation of performative aim to walk around Vilnius following official city borders, observing and capturing imprinted moments of city and „no city“.


About Vitalij