Tata Frenkel

Human Illustrated creates storytelling as if she counted an amount of light [in Utena]. 

Telephone booths are glass objects that aren’t used anymore. Their transparency in the city image attracted my attention. These booths somewhat perform their function, but only in ghosts’ marble eyes – the connection is lost. Therefore, the location for storytelling is perfect.

Due to this transparency, an amount of light in Utena is measured — it’s a mysterious activity;  critical as if it is tracking incoming knowledge. The process is performative. A part of process materials was exhibited and presented in a performative lecture.

We have a figurative complex systems image and, while looking, we don’t see what’s right under our nose, what remains invisible.

The measuring is performed by  Human Illustrated — an eye, an ear and consciousness, the leader of the performance. This Illustrated dies and resurrects, becomes a jelly, becomes bones, and finally a zombie (an image of herself) with her head deep in the air.


The performative lecture in the video below is currently only in Lithuanian language. 


Tatjana (Tata) Frenkel is a Vilnius-based interdisciplinary art creator. Tata likes to use excess interpretation and “invisible arts.” She often employs performance and sketches to explain her thoughts.

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