Paulius Zizliauskas

The use of the flower pigment for prints in the wintertime; like a reminiscence of the flowerbeds for Utena residents.


If you're taking a walk in Utena during the warm months, flowers are always on your sight — little personal flowerbeds, flowerpots hanging from the bridges, waysides in public parks. When it gets colder, the flowerpots are taken down, and the blossoms of perennial plants are cut until only the naked stems remain.
I wanted to retain the spirit of flower gardens during the cold season, therefore, I decided to give them a second life by making anthotypes.
Anthotype is a process that allows creating plant prints. During the process, flower petals or leaves are ground, then mixed with distilled water or alcohol and strained through a cotton cloth. The obtained emulsion contains a colour pigment. 
The next steps are to coat a paper sheet with this emulsion, put a flower blossom on the paper, press it with glass to hold it down and then set outside. 
Throughout time, the uncovered parts of the paper start bleaching out because they get exposed to direct sunlight. Meanwhile, the covered places have weaker encounters with ultraviolet (UV) sun rays, therefore, they maintain the colour longer.
I dedicate these works to Utena residents as some type of reminiscence and a possibility to observe further changes in the works. The span of the bleaching process is not easy to guess: each image will change on a different pace up until March 2021.


Paulius Zizliauskas was born in 1997, in Siauliai. He’s a freelance photographer with an undergraduate degree in photography and media arts.

When he was sixteen, Paulius started to actively document the streets of his hometown and Vilnius and his and others’ daily routines. While studying at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Paulius spent a lot of time in the photography laboratory, helping students to get to know photography processes. Paulius also shared his knowledge of organizing photography workshops and exhibitions of their results. These activities strengthened his love for analogue photography processes, such as cyanotype, anthotype, or gelatine silver print.

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