Nidas Kaniusas

Lost, but not forgotten experience souvenirs live in the town.

How much do we know about the environment where we spend the majority of our life? Can we discover something more: notice the signs, which have already existed there, but have been hiding for a long time? Can these signs help turn the attention into details that have only survived in subjective personal experiences? 

Maybe this is a mosey in unfamiliar territory, attempting to comprehend it or find something that is common and familiar — an outsider's, a foreigner's effort to befriend the meanings, encrypted in the environment. 

The audio below is currently only in Lithuanian.

Prie malūno
Pušynėlis 01

In his creative work, Nidas Kaniusas reflects physical phenomena, personal behavior, emotional nuances, and borderline situations related to technology-driven contemporary society. Nidas uses various art forms: animation, multimedia, virtual reality, video projections, 3d graphics, and video installations. The artist is interested in the synthesis of images and sound.

Nidas was born in 1988 in Kaunas. He studied applied graphics at the Kaunas Faculty of Arts and animation in Vilnius Academy of Arts. Now the artist works and creates in the fields of stage and audiovisual arts.

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