Mante Elelueta

Somewhere there, under the nebula of Oblivion, hidden past stories had a rest; today they revive taking new, unrecognized forms.


Digital photographic images made using a microscope and microscope slides in lightboxes


U ten a – this town is like the Bermuda Triangle. Stories and lives disappear somewhere when touched by the great Oblivion; yielding to two ceaseless forces – Nature and Human; they flow down with rain, vanish under the ground, roads, trees, asphalt... 

If you travel within this town or around it and listen very carefully, you might hear how the memory echoes emanate. Pines rustle and sway in formerly sacred places of eternal rest; cars tirelessly roll along what used to be the road between the soldiers’ graves; very close, there, around the corner, memorial stones, which have turned into substructions, hold buildings in their arms.

Photography series “there°” are the images of these places that are only marked as coordinates now; they had landed on microscope slides as dust, ground, plants; and were captured with a microscope.

The life continues, it takes different forms, somewhere there, under the feet, under the roots of the trees. We get closer; and the unmarked forgotten places that became the last stop of the magical trip, revive with new liveness, emerge as unrecognized, cosmical forms.


Most of her life Mante Elelueta Baranauskaite has spent exploring the sound. However, now she is uncovering the mysteries of visuals in Vilnius Academy of Arts. In her photography and media art studies, Mante has discovered the power of art to continually change its forms — to connect and to transform — so that our (sub)consciousness could detrain onto undiscovered lands.

In Mante’s creative practice, visual and sound take shapes of breathing installations or dance in video projections. Photography, mirrored in plush toys, invites to touch or even cuddle those that we usually don’t notice.

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