THESIS is a contemporary photography and media art event in Utena, Lithuania.

It aims to give new meanings to the town’s public space.

During every THESIS, participants receive a task to interpret a given topic.

Their goal is to create an artwork (or series) and express the idea in one sentence.

New objects become a part of an art exposition in Utena public space.

How THESIS originated


Surroundings are crucially important to my creative work.


I am Lina Praudzinskaite. I was born in Kaunas and studied in the local art gymnasium. 


When I was fifteen, I got interested in photography. This happened when I found dad's old "Zenit" camera.


In 2009, I finished photography and media art bachelor studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Then I moved to Klaipeda to get a breath of fresh air. I worked in a gallery.


I've lived and created in Utena since 2014.


I do not limit myself to one form of art: I realize the ideas through photography, art objects, installations, creative projects.




Me and Utena


Utena used to be a town I would pass by without stopping. It would seem cold, gloomy, gray, and industrial. 


Even when I moved here, it took some time for me as a person and a creator to get used to Utena.


At that time, traditional arts were dominating the town's creative events. I used to miss the depth of the idea at the exhibitions.


I always thought that an art piece has to possess both a visual aesthetic and a well-thought idea. We may not grasp the message at first sight, but if it exists, we will develop the relationship with the seen object.


Eventually, the "transit" town Utena became the target of my creativity.


Together with the current POKST leader Tomas, we found lovely premises for creative activities in the centre of the town. I saw them as a space for a little art gallery. 


In 2015, on those premises, the POKST gallery was established. Later, it expanded and became a creative space for concerts, workshops, community initiatives, and contemporary art projects. 


New people started to join Tomas and me. Each of them brought their suggestions and skills. Thus, we became a team. 


However, POKST is not an ordinary organization but a creative community. When our interests match, we join collaborative projects. But at the same time, when we gather skills and experience from each other, we turn back to ourselves. New ideas, which would have become art pieces in the past, now also take the form of personal creative initiatives. 




My initiative is THESIS (Tezė)



THESIS occurred from the question, how creative idea progresses in relation to the contemporary information environment. 


This theme is a difficult one. Therefore, I like to divide it into topics, such as:

  • The relationship between the idea and an excess information flow.

  • Conscious and unconscious information selection.

  • Storing the information.

  • The temporariness of information: change and erasure.

  • The use of information for art piece concept development.

  • Definition of a point of view.

Nowadays, it is easy to get lost in an excess information environment.


We are tired of never-ending texts, numerous interpretations, and all the searches we need to perform to explain contemporary art. Therefore, well-thought statements are becoming more valuable than ever.


THESIS is revolving around this theme. Therefore, in this project, it's not only important to search and create but also find a way how to express the idea in one sentence.