Contemporary photography exhibitions in Utena
2020.12.09 – 2021.04.09

THESIS 2020 participants received the following task: to create a site-specific alternative photography series that reflect Utena location, history, narratives, or observations. 

In December 2020, their artworks will be presented in different Utena locations. Exhibition visitors will be able to download the exposition map and see in at a convenient time. The whole exhibition will also be available online and in the POKST gallery.

THESIS 2020 participants are Paulius Zizliauskas, Mante Elelueta, Nidas Kaniusas, Tata Frenkel, Ignas Pavliukevicius.

THESIS 2020 team:

Lina Praudzinskaitė
Vitalij Červiakov
Grėtė Kaulinytė